2 years ago

Using Laravel macros on Eloquent models

Posted 2 years ago by mojtabaahn

Hi everyone,

Recently I started a modular project.

The main Idea is starting with a simple core module and each upper module extends project functionality.

It is actually so great but there is a single important problem and that is extending Eloquent models using Laravel's macroable trait.

I found a post by Esmail Zareh on Medium discussing Dynamic Eloquent Relation By Macro and It is actually working well but yet no auto completion is supported and more importantly when extending a model have to make sure if it is the correct model to extend like this :

Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder::macro(‘categories’, function() {
    $model = $this->getModel();
    if($model instanceof App\Post) {
         return $model->belongsToMany(App\Category::class);
    return $model->categories();

Here is my question: Is there any right way to achieve Eloquent model extending not having described problems ?

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