4 months ago

user specific alerts with many filters

Posted 4 months ago by pmusa

Imagine an app where people would be able to submit best online deals. i.e : User posts a deal where Product is -50% off at online Shop.

Now let's say User2 wants to receive alerts everytime a new deal is submitted, but where price of Product is between $50 and $100, plus where Product is of family "electronics" only, plus where Product is at Shop named "Amzn" only.

How would this look like in Eloquent/Laravel? Do you have to run an SQL request for every single user of your DB, everytime a new deal is posted, to check if the deals fits in each user's criterias/filters, then send the alert?

This is a complete random example. Basically my question is, broader picture: how do you handle user specific alerts with very user specific filters?

Thank you

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