Use two foreign keys pointing to the same table and retrieve with one relationship

Posted 1 year ago by oten

I have two tables that describe trades between users


  • id
  • name


  • id
  • user1_id (foreign key to User.id)
  • user2_id (foreign key to User.id)
  • object

What I'm trying to do is to return all trades for a specific user using one Eloquent Relationship. No matter what I have tried I never managed to do something like this:

$user = User::with('trades')->first();

The best result I could achieve was to define two different relationships, for example:

public function trade1 () {
    return $this->hasMany('App\User', 'user1_id');

public function trade2 () {
    return $this->hasMany('App\User', 'user2_id');

and then

$user = User::with(['trade1', 'trade2'])->first();

which of course return two relations (trade1, trade2). Is it possible to combine these two relationships into one?

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