9 months ago

Update one to many

Posted 9 months ago by mycloudcms

Hi, I need assistance how to update one to many relationship, my save works fine and my update code is below:

    public function update(Request $request, $id)
        $invoice = Invoice::find($id);
        $invoice->invoicedate= $request->get('txtInvoiceCreationDate');
        $invoice->invoicetypeid= 5; 

        $report = $request->input('txtInvoiceProduct');
        $items= isset($report['Id'])?$report['Id']:[];


        foreach($items as $key=> $item){


                    'invoiceitempriceperunit' => isset($report ['UnitPrice'][$key])?$report['UnitPrice'][$key]:0



        return redirect('/invoicetest')->with('success','invoice updated');

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