2 years ago

Update one-to-many relation

Posted 2 years ago by bart

Hey everyone,

I'm currently struggling a bit with a one-to-many relation in Eloquent. I'm trying to update children that are related to a parent. I'll give you an example:

Table 1: users (with id and username) Table 2: awards (with user_id, year, award_type)

One user can have many awards which is associated in the user class by:

public function awards()
    return $this->hasMany(Award::class);

Now when updating the user I'm getting back an array of awards from the frontend like this:

$awards = [
    ['year' => 2016, 'award_type' => 1],
    ['year' => 2017, 'award_type' => 2],
    ['year' => 2018, 'award_type' => 1]

What I tried now was something like calling sync() and save() on $user->awards() but that does only work for many-to-many relations. I'm having a one-to-many relation instead so my current workaround in the controllers update method looks like this. It feels a bit weird so I'm curious if you have a better approach for it?

foreach($request->awards as $award) {
    $award['user_id'] = $user->id;

Thank you very much!

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