5 months ago

Tools / IDE plugins to identify N+1 issues?

Posted 5 months ago by shawnyv

Hi all,

Was wondering if there are any tools or PhpStorm plugins for the Laravel / Blade ecosystem that can identify possible N+1 issues.

I ran into a situation the other day where I found some code being called from the view (A), that hit the model (B), which had a call to another relationship (C), but when the collection was instantiated in the controller (D) it didn't eager load the call being made in (C), and realized that's probably occurring in quite a few of my existing projects.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Edited to add: I realized after the kind responses that I was unclear in what I was looking for - specifically some kind of static code analysis tool (like Code Coverage or Inspections) that can automatically identify these issues, rather than the manual process of using telescope / debugbar / etc. Sorry for the confusion!

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