SQL query to Eloquent

Posted 1 year ago by MarioMacedo

I have the following SQL query that does exactly what I want:

select * from locations 
where (select count(*) from machines 
            where game_id = 1 
            and locations.id = machines.location_id) > 0 
and (select count(*) from machines 
        where game_id = 2 
        and locations.id = machines.location_id) > 0

However the amount of game_ids can be from 1 to "unlimited". I'm trying to create a scope query in my Location.php (so I can continue to filter the model) that don't use DB::raw() because I don't want my eloquent to be locked to SQL, so in the future I can change database driver type without have to rewrite the query.

So far I could do this:

public function scopeWithGames($query, $games, $gamesCoexist)
    if(count($games) === 0) {
        return $query;
    if(!$gamesCoexist) {
        return $query->whereHas('machines', function($machines) use($games) {
            $machines->whereIn('game_id', $games);

however if $gamesCoexist == true I want to obtain All locations which have at least one machine for each game in $games array.

To help understand the relations between the models here is schema with the models and how they relate with each other.

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