Should I use Model Relationships vs Query Scopes and a simple mysql join?

Posted 9 months ago by inmn

Perhaps I am missing something; but when using .. belongsTo('App\Org') or $members = return $this->hasMany('App\Member'); models, I am finding that I often just return more than I need.


If an Org has Members; $org->with('members'); gives me


  • Members

If i want user data I have to do


Which gives me


  • Members
    • User Record

If the user has any related fields, like contact numbers I am then working with


  • Members
    • User Record
      • Related Models of User Record
        • Maybe even more

When returning public json output, i then have to clean up many of the fields being returned

(still learning how only return PARTS of the related models)

So with a query scope / custom mysql i could easily return a flat array of selected data for the memberDataOf($org)

What would you recommend?

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