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Posted 1 year ago by Cinek

Hi, I'm testing an Eloquent model events. I have an listener which listen a user model retrieving.

protected $dispatchesEvents = [
        'retrieved' => UserEvent::class

I fetch all users in database with images:

$users = User::with('images')->get();

and i'd like to use this images in event listener:

$images = $user->images;

Problem is in the generated sql queries. Eloquent did 5 database queries:

select * from `users`;
select * from `images` where `images`.`user_id` = 1 and `images`.`user_id` is not null;
select * from `images` where `images`.`user_id` = 2 and `images`.`user_id` is not null;
select * from `images` where `images`.`user_id` = 3 and `images`.`user_id` is not null;
select * from `images` where `images`.`user_id` in (1, 2, 3);

Queries 2,3,4 are from event listener. It's possible to use images relation in user model event listener without additional queries?

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