2 years ago

Pull models from relationship data

Posted 2 years ago by lmartins


Just starting with Laravel, so please be patient with what might be an obvious question.

I have a model "Organization" that is linked to many purchases in its model:

public function purchases(){
        return $this->hasMany(Purchase::class)->orderBy('created_at','DESC');

The purchases table include a foreign key for another table "Products", like this:

Schema::create('purchases', function (Blueprint $table) {

When I'm listing the purchases on the frontend, I'd like to show the linked product to each purchase, instead of it's ID, how could one achieve that?

        @if( count($organization->purchases) )
            <section class="Section">
                <header class="Section__header">Purchases</header>
                @foreach($organization->purchases as $purchase)
                        {{ $purchase->created_at->diffForHumans() }} |
                        {{ $purchase->product_id }} |
                        {{ $purchase->credits }} Credits

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