Please help me convert this SQL into an eloquent query

Posted 1 year ago by rammy85

I am trying out a way to conduct a spatial query in eloquent so I can return user models to pass to a view. the aim is search by distance in order of distance. I have this raw query as outlined below

public static function searchByDistance($distance, $unit) {

    //spatial queries        
        $circle_radius = 6371;       
       // $circle_radius = 3959; 

    $max_distance = $distance;
    $lat = Auth::user()->getLoc()->latitude;
    $lng = Auth::user()->getLoc()->longitude;

    //get all nearby places
     $nearbyusers = DB::select(
           'SELECT * FROM
                (SELECT,,, places.state_code, places.latitude, places.longitude, (' . $circle_radius . ' * acos(cos(radians(' . $lat . ')) * cos(radians(latitude)) *
                cos(radians(longitude) - radians(' . $lng . ')) +
                sin(radians(' . $lat . ')) * sin(radians(latitude))))
                AS distance
                FROM users
                LEFT JOIN places ON AS distances
            WHERE distance < ' . $max_distance . '
            ORDER BY distance;


   $nearbyusers = (object)$nearbyusers;

    return $nearbyusers;


and it returns objects. Is there a way someone could please help me convert it to eloquent? Please?

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