3 months ago

Nested subqueries

Posted 3 months ago by Biscotte


So I have a basic forum structure with categories, sub categories, posts and replies.

I want to retrieve all categories with their sub categories, and for each sub category, I also need its latest post, and for each latest post, its latest reply.

So I did 2 sub queries like this in my SubCategory model and my Post model respectively:


   public function latestPost()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\Post');

    public function scopeWithLatestPost($query)
        $query->addSelect(['latest_post_id' => Post::select('id')
            ->whereColumn('sub_category_id', '')


    public function latestReply()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\Reply');

    public function scopeWithLatestReply($query)
        $query->addSelect(['latest_reply_id' => Reply::select('id')
            ->whereColumn('post_id', '')

They both work well. Now this is how I retrieve all of it:

Category::with(['subCategories' => function ($query) {

Except I don't get the last reply for each post. Would you know how to call the withLatestReply() method?


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