Multiple database servers

Posted 7 months ago by CodeSTI

I have a web app that user's can store some data for their projects. Our servers is in the U.S. however I have a customer in Canada, who legally needs to store their data in Canada. So I spun up a new server instance in Canada. My question is what is the best way to handle checking when to pull data from the Canadian server or the US server. I figured it would be best if my eloquent models could set their connection based on the project address (if its Canada use Canada server to pull those models and their relationships).

It's tough for me to visualize how I will do this because of all the relationships. If i want to get all projects and load the relationships, but some data is in US and some in Canada how could I do that?

I'm also wondering if I should have a copy of all my tables on the Canadian server or just the ones that require data to be stored there since only project data needs to be there, but the users table doesn't have to be.

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