2 months ago

Ignoration function

Posted 2 months ago by Mikegk


Im trying to implement some kind of ignoration function for loggedin users.

There is a table called 'user_ignore' which contains: -id -id_user (that's the ID of the user, who set the current entry) -id_foreign (...and the ID of the user who is ignored)

I have got many calls to my User Model, and each User belongs to many different aspects of the site. How can I assure, that a logged in user, will always get a filtered result based on the user_ignore contents?

It's important that the user who ignores, such as the user who is ignored won't "see" each other.

Global Scopes sounded like something I could have used, but I do not really know how to "join" data there - and if it's even possible.

Does anyone has an Idea how to deal with that Problem?

Thank you very much for any help.

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