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How to make a query to filter with a pivot table & another table in Laravel 5?

Posted 1 year ago by Edris899

Hi there,

Sorry for the title I really don't know what to call it.

I am building a illustration website with albums. A illustration can be uploaded to a album.

In the photos table I have a processed table in it. This way I can check if the illustration was processed or not, if yes then it can be searchable if not then the user must edit the processed illustration or illustrations.

I can select the photos in the specific album but I don't know how to filter with the processed illustration belonging to the viewing album.

Also I have a seperate table album_photos table. The relation of a album and a photo is hasMany and belongsToMany.

This way I select all the photos but not filtered with processed or not.

        $photos = Photo::whereIn('id', $album -> album_photos() -> pluck('photo_id'))->get();

And this way I select all the processed photos of the corresponding user.

        $photosNotProcessed = Photo::where('user_id', Auth::user() -> id)->whereNull('processed')->get();

Now I want to select the photos in the viewing album that is not been processed. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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