How create nested relationship over three models

Posted 1 year ago by abombelli


I'm completely new to Laravel and have the following situation:

I have the following Models:

  • Treatments; belongsToMany Products, belongsTo User
  • Products; belongsToMany Treatments, hasManyPrescriptions
  • Prescriptions; ??
  • Users; hasMany Treatments

Treatments can have many Products. Each associated Product to a Treatment can have a unique Prescription.

The tables are:

  • Users (id, name)
  • Treatments (id, name, user_id)
  • Products (id, name)
  • Product_Treatment (product_id, treatment_id)
  • Prescriptions (id, amount, product_id, treatment_id, user_id)

I manage to create the correct relations from products to each treatment. What I cannot figure out is how to relate the prescription to the product in the corresponding treatment. A product can belong to many treatments. If I use a normal pivot table for products_prescription, then this relation applies to all treatments. This should not be the case.

How should I setup the relationship, so I'm able to use this in blade? @foreach ($treatment->products as $product) {{ $product->name }} {{ $product->prescription->amount }} @endforeach

Thanks a lot for any hint or help. Aldo

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