How can I get users through a relation table using Eloquent?

Posted 8 months ago by malhayek

I have the following tables


TableName : reservation

ModelName: App\Models\Reservation

Columns, id, and few irreverent columns



TableName : reservation_to_users

ModelName: App\Models\ReservationToUser

Columns, id, user_id, reservation_id



TableName : users

ModelName: App\Models\User

Columns, id, and few irreverent columns


On the App\Models\Reservation model, I want to be access all users that are associated with the current reservation.

What relation type do I use MorphToMany or hasManyThrough?

I tried using

hasManyThrough('App\Models\User', 'users')

but that is throwing SQL errors

What is the right way to access the users from the reservation?

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