1 month ago

hasOneThrough confusion

Posted 1 month ago by guyinpv

Simplified three tables: User (id, name, car_id) Car (id, name, maker_id) Maker (id, name)

On the Maker model, I used a hasManyThrough to grab all the users with that make of car, worked just fine. return $this->hasManyThrough(User::class, Car::class, 'maker_id', 'car_id')

But I also want to go the other way. If I have a user, I should be able to read who the maker is since they can only have one car, it's kind of a direct relationship that way. It doesn't work though: return $this->hasOneThrough(Maker::class, Car::class, 'maker_id', '?????')

I'm not sure how the syntax should work in this case, because it's the User that has a car_id column, not the Car model that has a user_id column. I don't know what would go in the method parameters. I've tried a bunch of different arrangements but it doesn't return the model.

So what's the easiest way to have my User model return the maker by traversing through the Car model?

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