groupBy() and count(): What is the laravel way?

Posted 8 months ago by mankowitz

I have two tables.

patients: id, site_id

sites: id

and they are linked so ( patients.site_id = )

I want to figure out how many patients there are for each site.

In SQL, I can make a query like this

FROM   sites 
       LEFT JOIN patients 
              ON ( patients.site_id = ) 
WHERE  patients.site_id IN (SELECT id 
                            FROM   sites 
                            WHERE  medical_director_id = 35) 
       AND patients.created_at BETWEEN 20080101 AND 20200101 

The result is something like this:

| site | count() | | --- | --- | | Home1 | 23 | | Home2 | 1 |

And I'd like to do the laravel thing, so I start with this:

Patient::whereBetween('created_at', [$from, $to])
    ->whereIn('site_id', Site::where('medical_director_id', $id)->select(['id']))

But I can't figure out how to use count() and still get the aggregation. What should I do?

(I also can't figure out the markdown to make a table :< )

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