Get property from Pivot Table extra attribute

Posted 1 year ago by priverop

I have a many-to-many relationship between Part and Material models. It's working perfectly with a pivot table.

Now I just added another column to the pivot table 'provider_id', so when I do:

@foreach($parts as $key => $value)
 @foreach($value->materials as $mkey => $mvalue)
  {{ $mvalue->provider_id }}

I get the provider ID, thats ok. But I want to get it's name instead. Something like $mvalue->provider->name. How can I do it?

Here are my pivot table migration:

Schema::create('material_part', function (Blueprint $table) {





Part Model:

class Part extends Model
  public function materiales(){
   return $this->belongsToMany('App\Material', 'material_part')->withPivot('part_id', 'provider_id');

I also have the same relationship in Material model, but nothing in Provider model.


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