EloquentUserRepository must be compatible with UserContract::create

Posted 3 years ago by kierandes

Hey all,

I'm really enjoying learning laravel and Laracasts are a great resource. I'm relatively new to Laravel so thanks in advance for your patience.

I'm using a boilerplate ( https://github.com/rappasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate ) to get past the annoying and time consuming user management side of my application. Upto Yesterday everything was working beautifully until I got the following error:

"FatalErrorException in EloquentUserRepository.php line 13: Declaration of App\Repositories\Backend\User\EloquentUserRepository::create() must be compatible with App\Repositories\Backend\User\UserContract::create($input)"

I have no idea where to start with this one, as I have not edited or manipulated either the EloquentUserRepository nor the UserContract.

Help would be greatly appreciated as its blocking my progress :(

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