4 years ago

Eloquent's morphedByMany method

Posted 4 years ago by Bozboz

As far as I can tell, unlike with one-to-many polymorphic relations using morphMany/morphTo, there is no way to retrieve all of a polymorphic relation when using many-to-many polymorphic relationships (morphToMany/morphedByMany).

To take the example in the docs (, posts and videos must be retrieved separately from a Tag. Why is it not possible to implement a taggable method that retrieves all taggable types associated with that Tag, which would result in a collection of Video and Post instances? As far as I can tell, it would operate in a similar way to the morphTo method, however it would need to retrieve the taggable_type and taggable_id attributes from the pivot table.

Am I missing something here for why this isn't possible, or is this just unimplemented functionality?

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