1 month ago

Eloquent with, withCount gives 12 as total records but the function with groupby on date gives 9

Posted 1 month ago by princeoo7

I have 3 tables, Users, Tasks, TasksSession.

what I am trying to find is total session conducted and total days the user was involved in that task based on created_at group by statement.


With the above total_sessions_group_by_date_count = 12 and total_sessions_group_by_date_count = 9 records in an array.

function code for the TotalSessionsGroupByDate is as followed

    public function TotalSessionsGroupByDate(){
        return $this->hasMany(TaskSession::class)->groupBy('created_at');

I have the total number of the session conducted / attendance but how to get the total number of days irrelevant to sessions. as per the example, total_sessions_group_by_date_count should be 9 and not 12 total_sessions_group_by_date_count.

the only solution that i was as of now, able to come up is as below:

$user = User::with(['TaskIssues','TotalSessionsGroupByDate'])
        $user->TotalSessionsGroupByDate = $user->TotalSessionsGroupByDate->count();

any better way to do the same in model?

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