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Eloquent query picking wrong database for the User model

Posted 1 year ago by pdc

I'm currently setting up my own role-based access-control-system on my website.

You can add Entities (eg. an Artist).
You can add Roles (eg. Administrator, Blogger, Developer).
The users are located within another database (the Internal database) in order to reuse the authentication

I'm able to assign a role to a user (eazy peazy), to assign a permission for an entity to a role (eazy peazy).

But when I'm trying to check the permission for a user, odd things happen.


mysql       ->  MusicDemons
mysql_auth  ->  Internal (contains the users-table)


protected $connection = 'mysql_auth';

Code to check if the current user has permission to do something with the Entity

$result = 
        ->whereHas('permissions', function($query) use ($action) {
                return $query->where('id','=',Auth::user()->id);


This code is being called through a webroute, for testing purposes

Route::get('test',function() {
    $perm = App\Helpers\RbacPermission::has_permission('App\Entities\MusicDemons\Artist','create');

You can see the result of this query in action at https://musicdemons.com/test

The raw SQL query is: select * from entities where model_name = "App\Entities\MusicDemons\Artist" and exists (select * from roles inner join MusicDemons.permissions on roles.id = MusicDemons.permissions.role_id where entities.id = MusicDemons.permissions.entity_id and create = '1' and exists (select * from users inner join MusicDemons.role_user on users.id = MusicDemons.role_user.user_id where roles.id = MusicDemons.role_user.role_id and id = '1') and roles.deleted_at is null) and entities.deleted_at is null

For some reason the eloquent query is picking the wrong database for the User-model (read: users.id doesn't have the database prefix and should actually be Internal.users.id). The odd thing is that the User-model has the $connection explicitly defined, and anyway picks the wrong database to select the data from!

How do I solve this problem? In my opinion this is a bug in Laravel... but is there a way around this bug?

The entire project is hosted at https://github.com/PieterjanDeClippel/LaravelProjects .

The Internal project is just to manage the database containing the users and password_resets. The MusicDemons project contains the main project.

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