1 year ago

Create method saving null values

Posted 1 year ago by bcharron

I have a save method in a repository in an application that I am working on. The method looks like this:

public function save($data)

            'title' => $data['title'],
            'min_length' => $data['min_length'],
            'max_length' => $data['max_length'],
            'prefix' => $data['prefix'],
            'one_way' => $data['one_way']


When I call this method, it returns the saved model, but all of the values in it are empty. I have confirmed that the values are present in $data by dd'ing them. I have the $fillable property set on the model, but still I am getting null values:

protected $fillable = [



I have changed this to use the save() method instead of create() and it works. Can anyone explain why the create method does not save the values?

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