4 years ago

Create data without having column in $fillable

Posted 4 years ago by netcore


How can I use Model::create() to insert data without having fillable column?

For example, table structure

    - name
    - level

In model (look, i have't added level in fillable array)

/* ... */
protected $fillable = [ 'name' ];
/* ... */


public function process (  Request $request ) {
    data given in request:
    'name' => 'something'

    $data = $request->all();
    $data['level'] = 5,     
    Model::create ($data);

when create method is issued, level is not inserted, because i don't have added it to fillable

If i will add it to fillable, users will be able to inspect-element my frontend code to add level manally.

How to fix this?

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