5 months ago

Column not found in 'group statement' when using pagination

Posted 5 months ago by MartinZeltin

It looks like when Laravel generates the necessary data for pagination, it overrides the SELECT part of my statement. That means I lose all my selects and aliases and it can't find it in the group clause anymore... :( What can I do?

$orders = Orders::selectRaw('
    date(created_at) as date_of_month,
    weekday(created_at) + 1 as day_of_week,
    sum(order_sum) as order_sum

And then I get this error:

    message: "SQLSTATE[42S22]:
    Column not found:
    1054 Unknown column 'date_of_month' in 'group statement'  (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from `orders` group by `date_of_month`)
    exception: "Illuminate\Database\QueryException"

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