11 months ago

Call model function in "the plural" sense?

Posted 11 months ago by hunterhawley

Hey y'all!

Quick background:

I have three models that are working together here: Seasons, Games, and Stats.

Seasons will have multiple games, Games will have multiple stats.

On the Stats model, I've created a function that I'm trying to make do a lot. I want this function to take 6 arguments.

  1. The type of stat. Easy to get, just have to use a where()
  2. The aggregation level. Basically, do I want to get all the stats inside a game, or inside a season. This one took me a while to make work, but I got it done.
  3. The exact aggregation point. Say I want to aggregate by game in the last arg. In this one, I'll put the ID of the game that I want to see the stats for.

4, 5, and 6 are irrelevant to this exact issue.

So, I can make all of this work, but there is a catch. I have to do this:

@foreach($stats as $stat)

 {{$stat->statPlacement(2, 'game', 1, 'team', 9, $formatted = false)}}


I'd like not to have to use a foreach. Essentially, this function goes and counts every time this particular type of stat happens inside the parameters of the given aggregation. That being said, if I use a foreach, I am just returning the same number a whole lot of times. I just want it once.

I'm probably approaching this problem wrong, and I may not even need to do this in the model, but let me know what you think.

Thanks y'all!


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