4 years ago

Authentication in Laravel 5.1

Posted 4 years ago by alexander_kraemer

So I started a new Project, and wanted to try out Laravel because everybody I know says that it's awesome! And I used my Playground to start something simple to get to know laravel better.

Now I've started my "real" Project, and I have problems with the Autentication. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so I first created my Databasestructure. I always add 3 letters of the tablename to every columnname as prefix, so that I have unique tablenames, and don't get problems when joining multiple tables :)

Register is working pretty fine, no problem there. After my Registration, I get logged in automatically, but when I logout and try to login The Error "These credentials do not match our records." occurs. So I tried to figure out, where the problem could be, but I didn't get any solution yet.

I hope someone here can help me out :)

My usertable structure is:

Schema::create('user', function (Blueprint $table) {
            $table->string('usr_password', 60);

IF you need any further information, or you have any questions, Just ask :) Thank you! Greets, Alex

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