Accessor not working with chunk()?

Posted 1 year ago by Alun

I'm new in Laravel, and checking this forum very often to solve lots of issues while learning. So I tried to create an accessor in one of my models to basically convert the colum "title" into a slug. I followed several answers from this forum, but none of them seems to work for me, basically the method I created doesn't get executed at all. Here's the code:

// app/Http/Models/Competence.php

namespace App\Http\Models;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use App\Http\Helpers\StringHelper;

class Competencia extends Model {
    protected $table = 't_competences';
    public $timestamps = false;
    protected $fillable = ['name', 'other_non_relevant_fields'];
    protected $appends = ['slug'];
    // ...
    public function getSlugAttribute(){
        return (new StringHelper())->slug($this->nombre);
    // ...
<!-- app/resources/parts/competences.blade.php -->

@foreach($competences->chunk(2) as $c)
        <!-- Definition of some vars, I know it's a bad practice, but it's a need -->
        $classname = 'my-classes'
    <div id="{{ $c->slug }} class="{{ $classname }}>
        <!-- some more code -->

What I don't get to understand is why, if I remove the "chunk(2)" method, which I need so I can split the collection in two columns, the accessor works, but with it I get the exception "Property [slug] does not exist on this collection instance.".

Any idea of why this happens or any way to split this collection?

Thanks very much.

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