5.1 efficient eloquent cache?

Posted 3 years ago by Seteve09

Hi, Ive been using repositories pattern for my eloquent/db queries. I have to implement Cache::remember at anything that requires caching, plus I need to manually flush the cache if the model is updated.

Example, Each user has a profile.

Normally I will eager load this

$users = $this->userRepo->getUsers();

//in repo

Well this will run two queries every time. One for the user, another is the eager loaded profile.

Well this is good. But I still need to cache them. Like i stated above, i am doing Cache::remember on all the eloquent queries, and then if a user updated his/her profile, i need to flush the cache.

This is not maintanable at all if my application gets big.

Ive been looking at some observer pattern: http://laravel-tricks.com/tricks/easy-eloquent-relation-cache-management

I also dug into the Model class in Laravel 5.1, noticed upon a model deleted/saved, there will be an event fired.

So anyone here can point me at the correct direction?

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