3 years ago

struggling to load pickadate with webpack

Posted 3 years ago by unitedworx

I all,

I am trying to move to npm/vue2/webpack with elixir and I got things working with the basic setup (query,bootstrap) however I am trying on loading query modules such as pickadate and it keeps failing .

pickadate does not seem to wont to work with webpack and says it cant resolve a dependancy.

here is the app.js lines

require( "../../../node_modules/pickadate/lib/picker.js");
require( "../../../node_modules/pickadate/lib/picker.date.js");
require( "../../../node_modules/pickadate/lib/picker.time.js");

and the error

message: './~/pickadate/lib/picker.date.js\nModule not found: Error: Can\'t resolve \'picker\' in \'/Users/parisparaskevas/Dropbox/www/dev.mysite.com/node_modules/pickadate/lib\

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