3 years ago

Running mix.version() inside Gulp Task

Posted 3 years ago by elqouent10

I am running a gulp task to copy all files with a .tpl.html recursively within a particular folder to the public folder. These html files will be used by AngularJS as templates. While doing this, I want to add all the file paths with a .tpl.html extension into an array, so that I can cache bust all of them.

var versionedFiles = [];

mix.task('copyHtmlTemplates', 'resources/assets/js/app/**/*.tpl.html');
gulp.task('copyHtmlTemplates', function(){
            .pipe(rename(function (path) {
                var fullPath = 'public/js/app/templates/' + path.dirname + '/' + path.basename + path.extname;
                return path;
            .on('end', function(){
        console.log("triggered"); //THIS SHOWS IN CONSOLE
        mix.version(versionedFiles);               //BUT THIS DOESN'T RUN
                mix.version([ 'public/css/app.css']); //BUT THIS DOESN'T RUN EITHER
        mix.version([ 'alskdflasdkj.css']); //MIX.VERSION DOESN'T WANT TO RUN!!!

mix.version(versionedFiles);    //This runs, but it uses the array BEFORE the gulp task can append to it.

Does anyone know how to get mix.version to run after all gulp tasks have completed?

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