10 months ago

Laravel with Amazon SQS

Posted 10 months ago by huddo

When a job is dispatched by a code base. Is it executed by the server that is running the queue listener or by the code base that dispatched the job? I am using Amazon SQS as the queue driver


Let assume for all purposes that the code on is identical to the code on

I have a server running on This is my development server for testing purposes.

I have my production server running on This is my live server with live data.

I have my queue listener running on for obvious reasons.

If I dispatch a job from to send a batch email. This will be picked up by the queue listener on

Will the job use the data from or

If I run a script to send an email to all users for testing, obviously I don't want this to be sent to all the users.

What is the best workaround for this to ensure that I am using my test data, while not pausing the queue listener on my production server?

Thank you for your help in advance

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