4 years ago

It's quite ironic that a PHP framework provides the best possible front-end workflow tool...

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I've been trying to learn modern JS and front-end workflow and I am having a shit of a time doing it because there are dozens of ways of doing it.

Gulp vs grunt vs bower. Webpack vs browserify. Different people recommend different module patterns:


import X from Y

define(...., function())

Some people have all their examples in CoffeeScript. Some have all their examples in TypeScript. Ask 50 different developers what their gulp files look like, and you'll get 25 different gulp files and 25 different grunt files...

Not to mention dozens of frameworks with varying degrees of completeness and stability... it's utterly maddening. If front-end development is the surface of a stormy sea, PHP is like the stable, calm ocean beneath.

But what I've found interesting in all of this, is that Elixir is the most sane and simple front-end tool I've used yet, and it's built for use in a PHP framework...

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