5 years ago

How can I override Elixir's default config in gulpfile.js

Posted 5 years ago by Appkr

I'd like to give my custom config to Elixir in gulpfile.js

// gulpfile.js
var elixir = require('laravel-elixir');

it returns,

{ [Function]
   { production: true,
     srcDir: 'app',
     assetsDir: 'resources/assets/',
     cssOutput: 'public/css',
     jsOutput: 'public/js',
     bowerDir: 'vendor/bower_components',
     tasks: [],
     watchers: { default: {} },
     duplicate: [],
     concatenate: { css: [], js: [] },
     registerWatcher: [Function],
     queueTask: [Function],
     setDefaultsFrom: [Function] },
  extend: [Function] }

I'd like to change "bowerDir" to "vendor". Of course I can change this in Elixir package's Config.js. But I don't want to modify the original package. If I were good at javascript I could be able to find the answer by myself, but I am not.

Will it be possible? Then how can I handle this?

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