4 years ago

First time with elixir, still confused about relative paths and updating in dev/pushing to live

Posted 4 years ago by robjbrain

So i've watched the tutorial videos on Elixir and got it working okay. But there are still three issues i'm having.

  1. When you version files they are placed in the "build" directory, but the images aren't in there. Haven't found much on google beyond one reference to using gulp to copy across all the images to the build directory, essentially duplicated them. This isn't mentioned in the docs or in the videos and seems a bit excessive. Is duplicating all your images genuinely the right way?

  2. When editing the dev site, what's the best practice for recompiling your less and js. In the past i've used phpstorm with a filewatcher which recreates the css file everytime I edit a less file, this is great and I don't think twice about it. Now it seems I have to constantly have a terminal window open running "gulp watch" and remember to open that everytime I boot up the vm. Not that much more work, but wanted to check that this is genuinely the right way?

  3. When pushing live what do I want to push? Just the resources/assets directory and then run gulp? And asking git to ignore the build directory? If my views reference a file that isn't in "rev-manifest.json" the site is going to show an error while it's compiling right? At the moment the gulp task is taking about 30 seconds, so for 30 seconds my entire site is going to crash out and log errors? What's the alternative? Take the site down for 1 minute just to recompile the less and js? This doesn't make sense either. What's the right way to update the css and js when doing a git pull?

Essentially on all 3 questions it seems there is a kind of obvious solution, but none of them sit right with me and have me screaming out for a better way, but I can't find one in Jeffrey's tutorials or on Google.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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