2 months ago

Error in Bootstrap files when compiling assets.

Posted 2 months ago by memele

I was running npm run watch which was working fine until it got stuck on 16% when compiling. I googled it and found that running npm run prod shows the error that doesn't let it compile. When I ran npm run prod I got this:

Lexical error on line 1: Unrecognized text.
Erroneous area:
1: 1.5em + 0.75rem2px

I commented everything out - all my styles, vue components and js, and I still get the error. The only thing that works - commenting out @import '~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap'; from app.scss.

I also tried updating Bootstrap from v4.0 to v4.4 and deleting node_modules folder with package-lock.json and running npm install- got no errors there. But then running npm run prod gives the same error.

Anyone have any experience with this? I've been stuck on this for hours.

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