11 months ago

Configuring postcss-uncss for Laravel Mix

Posted 11 months ago by connecteev

I am trying to remove unused css rules from one sass file.

Research led me to postcss-uncss as the best option for removing unused css if you do not use server-side rendering (see:

Now, postcss-uncss is a wrapper for uncss: However, the uncss documentation is confusing to me, and the example configuration here is not useful:

How does one configure postcss-uncss for Laravel Mix?

THis is what I have so far:

mix.js('resources/js/app.js', 'public/js')
        processCssUrls: false,
        postCss: [

I want to:

  1. Tell it which laravel routes to use (or 'all' should also be fine)
  2. Where my sass / scss files are located: /resources/sass/* (example files: /resources/sass/app.scss, /resources/sass/admin/admin.scss, etc)
  3. Where to put the output ie the compiled (and cleaned up) css without the unused rules: /public/css/* (so as to preserve the same structure, for example: /public/app.css, /public/admin/admin.css, etc)

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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