panda_madness panda_madness

Get blade component class by it's string name

Hello everyone. I need to resolve a Blade component kebab case name (e.g. x-alert-modal) to it's corresponding class name (e.g. AlertModal or AnonymousComponent). Skimming...
moses moses

How to write code in laracast?

I want to write code that cleanly. So nice views. How can I do that?...
JacobFHolland JacobFHolland

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away

Running into an error when I try and run a Job. It only happens occasionally while processing the job (usually when the data being processed is large). SQLST...
Aron-Spiess Aron-Spiess

php ldap search by employee id

Can someone help. I can't seem to find the correct string to get a displayname by searching the employeeId $fields = array("displayname"); $filter...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Livewire/Alpine Modal how to close upon successfully posting..?

Hi all, I have a Livewire component: class AddTask extends Component { public $name; public $due_date; public $assigned_to; public $ca...
awaix replied
Xenialxerus Xenialxerus

How to check if user has subscribed & paid for a particular category?

Hi, I have just started my Laravel journey, because it seems to me easier, I tried to make an application which is live broadcast website. I used voyager admin panel, where...

Laravel Passport Unauthenticated after composer update

I posted this question on stackoverflow last night, but there has been no activity. Wondering if someone on here could help? I've been working in this application fo...
countremy countremy

Visual Studio Code Deployment Workflow

Hello All, I am curious to know if anyone is using VS Code IDE and deploying to remote servers. The main feature that I am looking for is the Deployment-> Sync...
Kryptonit3 Kryptonit3

User Settings - Best Practice

I have been going over and over in my head for the past few days on the best way to implement user settings in my projects. Do I want to serialize and store in one column o...
rajaman replied

Laravel Auth - maser password

Hello! I just have a quick question. I am playing around with Laravel 8s auth functionality. Users can register. Besides the usual stuff like name, password and emai...
H0resT replied
AlexSteele AlexSteele

executing this kind of query possible?

I am trying to make this kind of query, but I am lost on how to do this in laravel. i know about the DB facade, but not how to structure this in there. any casts or posts...
Scottly Scottly

Blade component fails phpunit tests

I've created a fairly basic blade component for form textboxes. It accepts up to 4 parameters, 2 of which are optional: <!-- With all fields -->...

Unable to retrieve trashed relationship information using ->withTrashed()

I have orders, which are linked to meals. I normally retrieve these orders using: $this->orders()->with('meals')->get() After I try...
bmcn99 replied
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Livewire. What am I missing....?

Hi all, Happy Friday! I have a Jetstream install and have setup a couple of routes: Route::middleware(['verified'])->prefix('tasks')->gro...


I have the following resources set up in my web.php: Route::resources([ 'categories' => CategoryController::class, ]); The route is in a group with an admi...
santino santino

how to get info from a record THAT IS AN ARRAY and contains objects

hi, I just save on one field this information, its a text string [{"id":2,"value":25,"tittle":"Calamares de mar"},{&q...
santino santino

laravel get 4 records from each object of collection

Hi , I want to call a collection but just with the records of value tittle and id ... ? how to do it... because i dont need to use all tthe information of the collection ob...
trevorpan trevorpan

Object storage disk not changing from public with Spatie/laravel-medialibary

Hi, Was wondering if you'd tried Linode's s3 compatible object storage? I have the public disk working fine which stores to the web server linode. However, I'...
canadianlover canadianlover

Undefined variable $errors on login page

So I'm trying to build an e-commerce site and when I go to /auth/login in my application, I get a Undefined variable: errors. This makes no sense to me because $errors shou...

simplify nested if statements

I'm implementing a search functionality and based on the query parameter i use a different class to search. class Search { if (request('type') == 'thread')...
edusardo edusardo

install error - trojan on symfony !

So my friends, i trying to install laravel but MS Windows Security Stop Composer Process. AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\symfony\console\06cb9a52b8ac07eb6fb946e194b...
LadyDeathKZN LadyDeathKZN

OAuth2.0 authentication for another Apps API

Hi, I am busy writing an application in Laravel. Most of the research I have done keeps sending me to Laravel Passport which doesn't fit my needs. I have an app on a...

I can't catch a HTTP Client exception

Hi all, I am using the new(-ish) HTTP Client, something like this $response = Http::get($listToCheck->url); I've actually stripped it back fro...


Route::livewire('/register', 'register'); Error message is: Attribute "livewire" Not recognized I am using livewire2. This...
lemmon replied
santino santino

how to use WITH with 2 parameters

Hi I am willing to know how to pass an array inside a with ->with( 'alert' , [ 'errorIcon' , 'second param message' ] ) I have to do this...
MidhunMonachan MidhunMonachan

Disabling stack trace in only one logging method

I'm using 'daily' and 'slack' channels for logging. It is quite annoying when the slack messages are filled with stack trace. I looked up everywhere and I found how to disa...
hopefeda hopefeda

AWS S3 Caching

I'm using AWS S3 disk using the recommended league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3 driver. I want to setup caching using the league/flysystem-cached-adapter. However, the docs aren't r...

IAM User permissions problem

Has anyone encountered the situation when I use manage policies on a user, It works but when I use inline policy it gives access denied. I am giving Read access to a bucket...
aurawindsurfing aurawindsurfing

Inertia.js vs Livewire Laravel

Hey! I have those 2 on my radar: Inertia: https://reini...
schwartzmj schwartzmj

Generating and emailing reports for all users

I'm looking to, every few days, generate a report for every user and then send it to them. I was hoping to find some Google results or Laracasts videos to walk me th...

Slow Laravel Migration

I am running into an issue between my dev environment and my live environment. When I run a migration it is very fast in my development, but when the same migration is run...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Notifications broadcasting in realtime...

Hi all, I have a bunch of notification classes that I want to utilise using Pusher so that when a notification is added to the database it's displayed in realtime to...
finchy70 finchy70

Laravel and Flutter App Authentication

Im building a Flutter app that will allow users to register and login. I want to authorise that registration in the Laravel back end and once the registration is authorise...


Hi, I'm getting this error on my website : Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\HttpException & here is a link to the website :...
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