4 months ago

write to file till it reaches 10mb sizes

Posted 4 months ago by Dinesh_dev

I want to store random objects in a single file, each object will be separated by a ",". These are the 4 objects: alphabetical strings, real numbers, integers, alphanumerics. The alphanumerics should contain a random number of spaces before and after it (not exceeding 10 spaces).

e.g hisadfnnasd, 126263, assfdgsga12348fas, 13123.123, lizierdjfklaasf, 123192u3kjwekhf, 89181811238,122,

  1. Create a program that will read the generated file above and print to the console the object and its type. Spaces before and after the alphanumeric object must be stripped.

Sample output:

youruasdifafasd - alphabetical strings 127371237 - integer asdfka12348fas - alphanumeric 13123.123 - real numbers asjdfklasdjfklaasf - alphabetical strings 123192u3kjwekhf - alphanumeric

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