work remotely with laravel

Posted 7 months ago by svvs

I am new to laravel and I need your help on the following.

Till today I was working with codeigniter framework. I was using cpanel and I was creating my accounts on my server and I was uploading using FTP the framework and I had it duplicated on my local pc as well, so I was using sublime to develop anything i wanted to and I was uploading it using FTP software on the server. In this way I had my workflow on the server and all my developers were connecting on the same account on the server to upload their work.

Now with Laravel, I want to keep the same logic, I want to continue working on the remote server but I need your help to suggest me the best tool to use (eg Sublime or anything else) that will allow me to use artisan commands from the local computers of my developers straight on the remote server and execute artisan commands.

I tried to use sFTP with sublime but there is no security as the developer can see the sFTP password in his local account.

There maybe something that I am missing around.

I need a suggestion so that I will be able to connect many developers on the same remote server and they will be able to run artisan commands as well. All the developers will be located in the same office and they have access on the local office server were they can have a duplicated version of the online remote server's account.

I am open to any suggestions that will allow me to work securely on my remote cpanel server.

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