1 year ago

WAMP localhost

Posted 1 year ago by hrosenthal

I recently upgraded my WAMP server and here is what happens with Laravel.

When I run php artisan serve and enter my project runs fine. I understand that Laravel sets up it's own server config at port 8000.

Since I use the same folder, it used to also work when I simply entered localhost/projectname into my browser.

Now when I enter localhost/projectname into my browser, I get a directory listing of the folder contents. However, localhost/projectname/server.php works.

I am assuming I need to add server.php to my httpd.conf file, but want to confirm if that's the right way to handle it. I ask this because I don't see server.php referred to in my previous WAMP httpd.conf file (I installed the WAMP update to a new folder).

thanks, Howard

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