5 months ago

Unisharp Laravel Filemanager can't be found after version upgrade

Posted 5 months ago by Tommy001

I wanted to upgrade Laravel Filemanager by Unisharp to the latest version, so I changed that row in my composer.json to "unisharp/laravel-filemanager": "^2.0.0", (before I had version 1.9.2) and followed these instructions:

 composer update unisharp/laravel-filemanager

 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_view --force
 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_public --force
 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_config --force

 php artisan route:clear
 php artisan config:clear

Unfortunately after this, when I try to open the filemanager the filemanager window opens, but with a 404 message. Since I backed up my old config/lfm.phpI copied the contents of that file into the new one, with the same result. Among other things the predefined routes from the package is set to true etc.

Reading up on the matter I saw a tip that the UniSharp\LaravelFilemanager\LaravelFilemanagerServiceProvider::class,should be inserted before App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider::class, in config/app.php which it is already is.

Can anyone help me?

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