sortByDesc() not Working as intended

Posted 8 months ago by SeroS

I have this 2 functions, the problem is that when i use the función sortByDesc, the new collection $clientes is not sorted as it should, if you need more info just ask me, thanks in advance.

public function estado_cc_clientes(){
      $clientes = cliente::select('id','nombre','codigo_empresa','condiciones_pago')->get();

      foreach ($clientes as $cliente) 

        $cliente->cc_final = $this->sacar_cc_final_cliente($cliente->id);

      $clientes = $clientes->sortByDesc('cc_final');

      return view('estadisticas.estado_cc_clientes',compact('clientes'));
public function sacar_cc_final_cliente($cliente_id){
      $cc_debe = cc_clientes::where('cliente_id',$cliente_id)->whereIn('tipo_de_documento',['fc','nd'])->where('borrado',0)->sum('importe');

      $cc_haber = cc_clientes::where('cliente_id',$cliente_id)->whereIn('tipo_de_documento',['rc','nc'])->where('borrado',0)->sum('importe');

      $cc_final = $cc_debe - $cc_haber;

      $cc_final = number_format($cc_final,2);

      return $cc_final;

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