4 weeks ago

Scheduler not working after moving servers

Posted 4 weeks ago by senrab

Hi all,

I've moved a Laravel app to a new server. Previously the scheduler was working fine and running the jobs set in Kernel.php at their correct intervals.

The cron is running as expected, however since the move, the task scheduler is reporting No scheduled commands are ready to run. when I run it manually.

There are jobs that are scheduled ->everyFifteenMinutes() and haven't run for days, yet artisan tells me there is nothing to run.

An example job that isn't running in Kernel.php

                 ->between('7:00', '22:00')
                 ->environments(['staging', 'production']);

Is there some kind of internal job log / cache that I could have messed up during the migration? Laravel must keep some kind of track so that ->withoutOverlapping() will work.

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