5 months ago

Pass from parent to child to custom component

Posted 5 months ago by rhys


I am pretty new to laravel and vue and web development in general and have been working my way through the video's so please excuse any incorrect terminology.

I have my own Article site project that is based on the birdboard TDD series, I am now trying to implement vue.

My issue currently is to do with passing from a parent form component to another component that I want to use between the parent form and a custom / third party component. My example is vue dropzone.

Parent - Form -


I want to be able to override from the parent the dictDefaultMessage data in the config object of the child below. This then overrides vue-dropzone component.

Child = FileUpload component

        <div id="uploader">
            <vue-dropzone id="upload" :options="config"  @vdropzone-complete="afterComplete"></vue-dropzone>

    import vueDropzone from "vue2-dropzone";

    export default {
        data: () => ({
            config: {
                url: "",
                dictDefaultMessage: "test"
        components: {
        methods: {
            afterComplete(file) {

Can any one point me in the right direction? I wanted to use the middle components to try and reduce the child specific js carried out on the form.

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