4 years ago

Overthinking in which class to put a method in.

Posted 4 years ago by PavanKataria

Hey, here's some code that I have in my controller which contain methods all connected to my routes. Please see the code pasted into this Laravel paste bin.

Each method calls a method from my repository, and then calls a method on a transformer manager class to process the dataset into the final result. (appending the wrapper data around my json, essentially)

I have an OrdersController, which has a Fractal manager, orderRepository and OrderService class all of them instantiated through the constructor.

OrderRepository, contains all my database querying logic

OrderService I was thinking of putting my duplication method here.. there's nothing in here atm. If I move the duplication into a method in this class then that'll mean I'll have to pass a fractal instance to this method too which is ugly, and I could instead instantiate my fractal manager here instead of inside my controller...

Normally the controller is responsible for handling HTTP related stuff, json, and transformations, right? So should I just decouple the duplication in my OrdersController instead?

Any thoughts? Lol. Sorry, normally this kind of stuff doesn't hinder me at all, not sure what's happening today.

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