2 years ago

Localized Laracasts Flash Package

Posted 2 years ago by mknooihuisen

Hi all,

I've created a Pull Request for Jeffrey's Laracasts Flash package which enables support for Laravel's Localization System. It uses Blade's lang directive behind the scenes so both methods of defining language strings work, and on single language sites the standard flash('Hello, world!'); will still work as expected.

While we wait for Jeffrey to have a chance to review (and hopefully approve) the PR you're all welcome to try out my Github Fork. Just update your composer.json to use my repo for laracasts/flash. My Repo also includes a more complete explanation of how to use the localization features.

"minimum-stability": "dev",
"prefer-stable": true,

    "repositories": [
        "url": "",
        "type": "git"

    "require": {
        "laracasts/flash": "dev-master",

I hope this helps someone! :)

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