4 months ago

Laravel Trying to write log files to local project location instead of remote

Posted 4 months ago by ctyler

Good Morning, I started having an issue with my laravel project and I've been developing it for a while now. The trouble started when I tried removing telescope and then reinstalling. I was having issues after un-installing so I reloaded a copy.

I am developing local on my machine and uploading files automatically. My project is currently as E:\www\laravelproject

The remote files are located at /var/www/html/laravelproject. This is where the web server is.

So now when I try to load the page i get: file_put_contents(E:\www\laravelproject\storage\framework/sessions/ov9via7jcPQHSh5U5cTAN6OIfxIpDko9hPKp597R): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

This is odd because it is trying to find the local directory on the remote server. It should be trying to write to /var/www/html/laravelproject/storage/framework/sessions/ov9via7jcPQHSh5U5cTAN6OIfxIpDko9hPKp597R

Where does laravel get the directory from? Could this be from composer? I cannot seem to find the location to correct this. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you Casey

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